Treat  your  skin in  every  season

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Treat your skin in every season

Skincare  For  Autumn

Your skin reacts different in the winter from summer, our products treat your skin with the proper vitamins for every season so it's healthy year-round.

Your skin reacts differently according to every season,
in the months of September, October, and November
your skin tends to start drying a bit easier, so we offer a
selection of essential skincare products for your
morning and night routines to keep your skin perfect.


Garoa® is all about natural ingredients, we are a 100% transparent about the origin of all the ingredients that we use in our products. The ingredients come mainly from Brazil's vast Amazon rainforest and from the Scottish Highlands. With this combination of places we balance ingredients from both cold, humid and warm, atlantic altitudes.

Here's a list of all the ingredients that we are using for this season.

Pure WaterAmazon RainforestWater Aqua
WoodsAmazon RainforestCedrus Atlantica
Fruit OilsNortheast BrazilCoco-Betaine
Antioxidants--Coamide DEA
SaltsSoutheast BrazilSea Salt Maris
Fruit ExtractsAmazon RainforestSald-Limonenem Citrus
Fruit OilsAmazon RainforestNobilis Mandarin Orange
Fruit OilsAmazon RainforestPeel Oil
Wood OilsScottish HighlandsCedarwood
Flower Oil ExtractsScottish HighlandsBark Oil
Flower Oil ExtractsScottish HighlandsLavendula Angustifolia
Fruit Oil ExtractsScottish HighlandsLavendar Oil
Fruit Oil ExtractsAmazon RainforestCitrus Aurantium Dulcis
Leaf Oil ExtractsAmazon RainforestOrange Oil
Leaf Oil ExtractsMoroccoRosemary Leaf Oil
Leaf Oil ExtractsScottish HighlandsCitral Geraniol
Spice ExtractsMoroccoCoumarin
Spice ExtractsMoroccoCitronellol